Monday, 3 March 2008

Eurofighter Typhoon...Close Up and Personal!

To fully appreciate the skill and bravery of what you are about to see...
This is the view from the cockpit of the £50 million RAF Eurofighter Typhoon interceptor

And now, this amazing close encounter with a Hercules transport aircraft...
(Radio transcript and photographs from secret M.O.D. source...

"Tea up! Come on in for a brew Foxtrot 1, over"

"Plenty of room, Foxtrot 1, come a tad closer..."

"Closer, closer"

"Come on now, Foxtrot 1, don't be shy"

"Closer, closer"

"Ok, Wilco, close enough! Jsut step on board your cup of tea's ready..."

Awsome or what?


Anonymous said...


The Earth Bound Misfit said...

"Or what", actually. All someone did is zoom in on the photo to make it look closer. Note that the legs of the loadmaster keep getting larger, too.


Awfully nice of you both to take the bother of saying "Hello"

It's good to know other Air fans drop by.

Miss Misfit: You may be right...does anyone out there on the hyper-space-inter-web know if this is a true event?

Has anyone got a video of the adventure?

Pray do tell, if ya know owt...