Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Messerschmitt Me323D-1 Gigant

The amazing, huge, slow, but very heavy load bearing Messerschmitt Me323D-1 Gigant

Originally designed as a glider, it used rockets to boost take off spee when loaded.

Six engines, 55m (180 ft. 5.5 in.)Wing span, 28.15m (92 ft. 4.25 in.)long,
10.15m (33 ft. 3.5 in.) high, Weights:Empty: 27,330kg (60,260 lbs.)
Maximum: 43,000kg (94,815 lbs.)
684 miles (1100km)Range.

Five MG 15 nose mounted, Six Mg 34 MG's in beam windows to keep the Allies at bay.

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