Saturday, 20 September 2008


"Living in the sky, watching the Earth from above. Rediscovering the marvel of traveling, experiencing contemplation. Exploring the world without trace..."

French designer Jean-Marie Massaud's flying hotel called “Manned Cloud”

"An airship in the form of a whale that glides through the air..."

Manned Cloud is a hotel for 40 passengers and a staff/crew of 15, cruising at 170 km/h.


Its ME said...

Wow your future aircrafts are too futuristic to catch up for the present aircrafts companies world wide.

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see you pilot, final count down 3,2,1, blast off. . .

Wing Co, ROYAL AIR FARCE said...

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Its ME said...

WELCOME one, and welcome all and do make yourselves feel at home,

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