Saturday, 1 November 2014

Piasecki AirGeep

Piasecki AirGeep: In 1957, Piasecki Aircraft was awarded an Army Transportation Command contract to develop a "flying jeep." It had to be a VTOL vehicle, able to operate at low altitudes at speeds up to 70 mph, and, amazingly, cable of delivering atomic weapons. Those were the days, eh? Two were built, which could also fly at several thousand feet. They were quite stable, able to hover and fly beneath trees or between buildings, and were surprisingly effective as a weapons platform. Despite their many positive qualities, the poor ol' Airgeep, was deemed by the U.S. Army to be mechanically ill-suited to the extreme toils of combat, and the project was cancelled. One survives to this day at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum, Fort Eustis, Virginia.
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