Friday, 18 September 2009

Going silent for a tad...

Devious Devils, the enemy!

It seems after the outrageous success of my last mission, the enemy's top evil boffin was partially rebuilt and his vengeful, twisted genius has come up with a new plan to terrorize our somewhat riff-raff local allies.

Smaller, simpler stealth sky ships made from dried camel skins!

The raw materials are easy to come by, and, of course impervious to the fierce desert sun...

So, without further ado, Her Majesty's fearsome M.O.D. suspended all leave at the Top Secret Nuclear Bunker, Biggin Hill, U.K. and ordered us back behind enemy lines once again!

Duty calls, my brave fellow Officers and gentle Lady followers of this secret blog, so, for once, I must be brief...

Intel reports have confirmed that the enemy buggers were actually inspired by our very own western press agencies when they rather stupidly released stolen covert pictures of U.S. heavy lift choppers delivering an unnamed ally a new warship over the heavily mined naval strait.
As I have previously covertly revealed in full glorious detail before here in my private papers the enemy's first airships were huge wooden aerialbattleships, of crude design, but tremendous firepower.

We soon took them out, but did not know about the advanced designs they were working on.

The United Nations covert Space tracking station "Aye Eye" spotted and plotted their test runs and dispatched my lovely and vivacious very personal assistants Lt Carruthers and Captain Faifax to swiftly deal with them before they could attack our own covert robotic supply airships

We now have a more detailed plan for the main attack but unfortunately that must remain Ultra Top Secret for now.

Suffice to say Carruthers, Faifax, Selene, Fox, & I must remain deep under covers for a while...

I shall send you my next report as and when I am able to break radio silence. Until then, keep the faith and defend the realm!

I'm sure we shall meet again very soon...

Warmest regards,

Wing Co

( p.s. 'til I retrun, you can follow my olde adventures in order from here should you wish... )

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