Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Latest Intel

The stunning Lt Carruthers and I...

...welcome all our new readers to our Top Secret little blog here at the Underground Bunker at Biggin Hill.

We've been leaking classified Intel for a while now, from our very first blog which promoted the quaint R.A.F. way of speaking through to wondrous aircraft of the future to gorgeous air babes to all manner of awesome and funny aircraft pictures and intel.

Please browse and enjoy.

We took a short break from reporting, - going deep undie cover for a highly dangerous mission that even we could not blog about, (well, maybe not). But we prevailed, defeated Her Majesty's enemies once again and, in the peaceful calm of post battle took to our top of the range nuclear powered R.A.F. p.c.'s once again.

Our brand new Intel reports are listed below or just tag back from this one.
Please , EYES ONLY and stop by in the comments to say "Hello" or as we in the R.A.F. say "Air Hair Lair, Pleased awfully to meet you"

TTFN, Regards,

Wing Co & Lt Carruthers xxx

New Intel (in mission order)

Back in action!

Sshhh planes

Undie cover

Mission de-brief

Beware of thieves in the night...

So, I got a few old heli's, a balloon & some meccano ...

Angels from Heaven

Behind the scenes: Bunker de-classified...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome and the heads up, Wing Co, sir!

617 squadron

Anonymous said...

Wizard stuff!

Top Intel, Wing Co, old chap!

- Cabbage Crates - from the 'stan

Anonymous said...

Well done old boy! Stuff the Official Secrets act!!


(p.s.-hugs 'n' kisses to Carruthers!)

Anonymous said...

Your Money Penny's are better than mine! 007

Desiree said...

cool site, nice pics. i put a link to your blog on mine under aviation stuff so everyone else can check it out. :)

Wing Co, ROYAL AIR FARCE said...

Thanks awfully Desiree, Top Totty!

warmest regards,

Wing Co

Wing Co, ROYAL AIR FARCE said...

And, of, course, ta very much for stopping orf to say hello, chaps!


Wing Co & Lt Carruthers xxx


Good idea to put the new Intel in order, Sir!

(Bet it was Carruther's idea...)