Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Aircraft Carrier Hotel

Royal Air Farce Special agent, my luscious Lt Lei,

went under cover to China to smuggle out this special report for you, dear reader.

Infiltrating the People's Army (left) she located the whereabouts of the missing Russian carrier "The Kiev."

After capturing these daring covert snaps and the informative film below, she rather dramatically escaped off the bugger's own deck in a stolen Chinese Mig, which she brought back for us to dissect!

What a girl! And a damn fine Royal Air Farce Officer to boot.

The 36,000 ton Kiev, built in 1972, carried 31 aircraft, usually a mix of 12 fighters 19 helicopters, in it's USSR Navy heyday.

She was believed to have been lost in a secretive "Naval incident" with an unnamed U.S. nuke sub in 1996.

I suspected the "unofficial official" explanation sounded like some fanciful imaginings from an excellent Patrick Robinson novel at the time, having had no personal role in the ship's alleged demise.

It now transpires, from Lt Lei's report, the shocking truth is that it was sold by it's mutinous crew to a passing Chinese ( on a junk, perhaps?) scrap metal merchant!

It's now based in the secretive Chinese port of Tianjin, where our inscrutable foes train masses of spies to become more westernised under the guise of "tourists."

Why, m'dear Lt Lei even had to degrade herself in this saucy bunny outfit in order to film the short movie below.

Most fortunatley, the clever lass managed to smuggle the outfit out along with the film....

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