Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sad day for the R.A.F.

Oh, what a very sad day for Her Majesty's R.A.F.

My saucy undercover snapper Pvte Angel (become me friend to check out her sexy photos on our Myspace page) captured these sad photos at Southampton docks today.

They show what was once the Pride of the RAF's strike force.

The terror of the Argentines.

The scourge of the Taliban.

The once fearsome Harrier Jump jet .

Now shrouded in tarpaulin, bubble-wrapped for their final journey (by ship! ) to the USA where they'll be reduced to spare parts for the U.S. Marine Corp's Harrier fleet.

The Yanks purchased (bloody stole more like!) 72 of 'em for a mere £110 miliion, after they were carelessly thrown away by our useless penny pinchers in our controversial defence cuts.

The clever, far sighted Americans will use them to keep their 120 Harriers, or AV8's as they call 'em, in action for the next 15 years.

£110 million!

Sod the accountants! I flogged one me self to our local Scrappy for a cheeky few quid -cash mind -and now the silly bugger wants the Pentagon's phone number...

Well, they're not getting our bloody last one, I can tell you!

Here's some snaps of ours in happier Harrier times.

Be sure to check out the RAF's Harrier page... whilst it's still there!


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