Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Lagoon Keeper's quaint little cottage on the beautiful far shore of the South Lagoon at Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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Royal Air Farce Regiment Commando Captain Belinda "Bats" Belfry, one of our Covert Insertion pioneers. And a bit of a Vamp, to boot...
Regards, JTW
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Tally Ho, Ginger! Foo fighter on yer tail!
Regards, JTW
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This rather strange looking beastie is the Douglas XB-42 "Mixmaster" (1944-48) - a U.S. experimental bomber designed to be "faster than the de Havilland Mosquito but with defensive armament and twice the bomb load." Their unconventional idea was installing it's two engines within the fuselage, to drive a massive pair of contra-rotating propellers built in the tail in a pusher configuration, thus leaving the wing, and fuselage, free of drag-inducing protrusions, ahem, should you see what I mean.
Two prototypes were built, but, with the big WW II party soon to end, coupled with the arrival of those pesky jet engines, new priorities somewhat canned the project.
Regards, Wing Co
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Sir Oliver Hoot, Squadron Leader, Royal Air Farce Nocturnal Operations
Regards, JTW
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The Royal Air Farce official car pool, outside the H'Officer's Mess, Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base, Biggin Hill.
( Note the Q- Branch Bedford Van, f...
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Carruthers: The early years...
Regards, Wing Co
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Chaps, and Chapettes, oft ask one for a solution to to these simply awful bad egg sorts unsettling our lovely World. "By gad", I earnestly reply, "a ship load of Phantom F4's would be a good start, what!"
Regards, Wing Co
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Has the Bloody Red Baron returned..?
Battle Stations! Red Storm rising...
Regards, JTW
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Swim safe, Chaps; Royal Air Farce Bikini Force Black Alpha has you (almost) covered...
Regards, JTW
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Red Di, willing and able...
Regards, JTW
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Top Secret artist impression of our new Royal Air Farce stealth carrier HMS Oblivious, with it's ravenous VTOL Death Hawks, courtesy of the "ghost budget" hidden within the RN Queen Elizabeth carrier programme...
Regards, Wing Co
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"Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, don't panic Mr Moore - I've got it covered!"
Regards, Pvte Frank "Stupid Boy" Pike
1st Royal Air Farce Home Guard Regiment of Inept Volunteers
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Carruthers; be an absolute darling and pass me your ammo belt...
Regards, JTW
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After Harvard, I graduated to F4s
Regards, Wing Co

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