Thursday, 26 February 2015

The rather fabulous River Marshall's Lodge, nestling among the picturesque shores of our beautiful South Lagoon at Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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Sir Percy, the Royal Air Farce Gardener at Arms, found a rather ingenious use for the old Officer's Mess Joanna...
Regards, JTW
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The simply stunning artwork of Sir Ian Kennedy, of the famed Commando Comics. He also paints the roundels on our 'planes. On weekends. For cash...
Regards, Wing Co
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M'Lady Anni, Pvte, Royal Air Farce Bikini Beach Corps, patrolling the North Lagoon at the Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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M'Ladies Wanda and Madison, 2nd Royal Air Farce Sea Guards, on duty at the North Lagoon at the Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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Today's wonderful, rather reassuring, view of the Royal Air Farce (Naval) Flotilla resting in the safety of the North Lagoon at the Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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Happy Aussie day!
Regards, Wing Co
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Q has another bright idea...
( art by Sir Jeff Wall )
Regards, Wing Co
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The Lagoon Keeper's quaint little cottage on the beautiful far shore of the South Lagoon atRoyal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base at Biggin Hill.
Regards, JTW
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Royal Air Farce Regiment Commando Captain Belinda "Bats" Belfry, one of our Covert Insertion pioneers. And a bit of a Vamp, to boot...
Regards, JTW
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Tally Ho, Ginger! Foo fighter on yer tail!
Regards, JTW
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This rather strange looking beastie is the Douglas XB-42 "Mixmaster" (1944-48) - a U.S. experimental bomber designed to be "faster than the de Havilland Mosquito but with defensive armament and twice the bomb load." Their unconventional idea was installing it's two engines within the fuselage, to drive a massive pair of contra-rotating propellers built in the tail in a pusher configuration, thus leaving the wing, and fuselage, free of drag-inducing protrusions, ahem, should you see what I mean.
Two prototypes were built, but, with the big WW II party soon to end, coupled with the arrival of those pesky jet engines, new priorities somewhat canned the project.
Regards, Wing Co
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Sir Oliver Hoot, Squadron Leader, Royal Air Farce Nocturnal Operations
Regards, JTW
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The Royal Air Farce official car pool, outside the H'Officer's Mess, Royal Air Farce Top Secret Nuclear Base, Biggin Hill.
( Note the Q- Branch Bedford Van, f...
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Carruthers: The early years...
Regards, Wing Co
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Chaps, and Chapettes, oft ask one for a solution to to these simply awful bad egg sorts unsettling our lovely World. "By gad", I earnestly reply, "a ship load of Phantom F4's would be a good start, what!"
Regards, Wing Co
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Has the Bloody Red Baron returned..?
Battle Stations! Red Storm rising...
Regards, JTW
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Swim safe, Chaps; Royal Air Farce Bikini Force Black Alpha has you (almost) covered...
Regards, JTW
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Top Secret artist impression of our new Royal Air Farce stealth carrier HMS Oblivious, with it's ravenous VTOL Death Hawks, courtesy of the "ghost budget" hidden within the RN Queen Elizabeth carrier programme...
Regards, Wing Co
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"Don't panic Mr Mainwaring, don't panic Mr Moore - I've got it covered!"
Regards, Pvte Frank "Stupid Boy" Pike
1st Royal Air Farce Home Guard Regiment of Inept Volunteers
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Carruthers; be an absolute darling and pass me your ammo belt...
Regards, JTW
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After Harvard, I graduated to F4s
Regards, Wing Co
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Me gorgeous Lady Panther and her simply fabulous Women's Royal Air Farce Parasol display team
Regards, JTW
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Our new, rather fun, waiting room Chesterfield. Quite amazing just how many personnel it can actually seat...
Regards, Wing Co
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Vickers-Armstrongs Valiants. First flew in 1951. 107 of 'em served as RAF Bombers from 1955 until 1965 when they were retired early, (but on full pensions no doubt) due to premature fatiguing and corrosion.
Regards, Wing Co
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Happy 80th Birthday to one of the Royal Air Farce's top agents; Sir Elvis "007" Presley, seen here on his most dangerous Moonraker mission. Oft credited with a...
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Shush! The "Beyond Top Secret" underground production line of the officially denied Royal Air Farce Vulcan 2015
Regards, Wing Co
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Rare, security breaching, shot of a Mega-transport docked in the Royal Air Farce top secret underground hangar at...
Regards, JTW
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Snow flights today...
Regards, Wing Co
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Mmm, fly to - or fly away from? That is the question...
Regards, JTW
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Royal Air Farce changed their profile picture.
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A Christmas transmission from our Canadian Station Chief, Sir Michael J. Dicola
It’s Christmas Eve and though just early evening, the dim light of winter is long receded, replaced by the orange vapour darkness of an urban night. Outside my...
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Two more of HMS Vanguard in August 4th, 1960, aground at H.M. Portsmouth Dockyard entrance, Old Portsmouth.
Regards, Wing Co
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Apparently, exaggerations have gone up by 85,000 %
Regards, Wing Co
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Don't tell 'em your name, Pike!
Regards, Wing Co
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The Royal Air Farce Regiment Camouflage School prepares for the Inter-Forces Grand Prix...
Regards, Wing Co
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"Our World War" I earnestly recommend you watch this Chaps: Stunning, heartbreaking, thought provoking; the BBC at its very, very best.
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HMG's Royal Air Farce SkyCarrier HMS Thunderstorm
Regards, Wing Co
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Orf on a jolly ta the theatre tonight, what!
Regards, Wing Co
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Fly high, aim low!
Regards, Wing Co
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Aha; the game's afoot upon the Night Train to intrigue...
Regards, Wing Co
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TGIF!!! Beat the rush home any way you can Chaps! See ya at the bar...
Regards, JTW
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Huge congrats - and possible medal - to Sir (surely soon?) David Cundall, who, if the latest Intel is to be believed, has finally located a cache of historic Spitfires buried in crates in the Burmese jungle.
The 62 year old British farmer spent over £130,000 of his own money and 16 years searching for the planes after being told they were buried there at the end of the Second World War.
Regards, Wing Co
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"That kicked off the battle, and we were 16-nil up from the start."
Too Few Too Far by George Thomsen (published by Amberley)
True Brits: 1982. The frozen isle of South Georgia. Eve of the Falklands War. Outnumbered hundreds to one, just 22 Royal Marines are attacked without warning by Argentinian Puma gunships. But, remember Chaps, they are Royal Marines! They return fire with with rifles and machine guns and shoot down a Puma gunship as it tries to land enemy troops.
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Buccaneers, Sea Vixens, Scimitars, and Gannets at RNAS Yeovilton
Regards, Wing Co
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Ideal for early "Old 'n' Bold" covert missions, this amazing Chap here is the Cox-Klemin XS; an American experimental scout biplane, and the first aircraft to be launched and recovered from a submarine. It was a simple single-seat seaplane that could be disassembled and assembled quickly... for rather obvious reasons. The U.S. Navy had 12 of these clever blighters were built 'tween 1922-1923, and despite a series of successful trials - and, no doubt, several Top Secret deniable insertions, all these extraordinary experimental aircraft were scrapped in 1926.
Regards, Wing Co
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Whose nuts need tightening..?
Regards, Jenny Wrench, Royal Air Farce Ground Crew
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HMG! Listen to your Defenders of the Realm!
If HMS Illustrious was put in reserve for 10 years the difference in its scrap price at the end of that time can be expected to be minuscule. Yet if a war was to break out the ship would be worth its weight in gold to the country.
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Nighty night! x
Corporal Gina "Ginger" Rogers
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What 'ave you done today to make us feel proud..?
Regards, Royal Air Farce Regiment Shouty Men
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Piasecki AirGeep: In 1957, Piasecki Aircraft was awarded an Army Transportation Command contract to develop a "flying jeep." It had to be a VTOL vehicle, able to operate at low altitudes at speeds up to 70 mph, and, amazingly, cable of delivering atomic weapons. Those were the days, eh? Two were built, which could also fly at several thousand feet. They were quite stable, able to hover and fly beneath trees or between buildings, and were surprisingly effective as a weapons platform. Despite their many positive qualities, the poor ol' Airgeep, was deemed by the U.S. Army to be mechanically ill-suited to the extreme toils of combat, and the project was cancelled. One survives to this day at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum, Fort Eustis, Virginia.
Regards, Wing Co
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Chocks away - I see blue skies ahead!
Regards, Maggie, Royal Air Farce Early Warning Radar Opps
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FB have confirmed; 4,000 Likes for the Royal Air Farce! Cheers awfully Chaps 'n' Chapettes!
Regards, Wing Co and Carruthers
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Commander "Busty" Crabbe, Royal Air Farce Specialist Diver
Regards, JTW
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A brace of Typhoons
Regards, Wing Co & Carruthers
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The windswept, shifting sands of the Roswell desert, bleached snow white by the unrelenting sun, finally reveal their hideous secret...
Regards, JTW
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Smile Sir Johnny; One wants one for one's Top Secret album
Regards, JTW
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M'Lady Felicity Farquar-Brainsout, Royal Air Farce Boffin, warns us, from her state of the art Top Secret Science Lab, NOT to trust Atoms. Apparently they make up everything ...
Regards, JTW
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Tally ho, Chaps 'n' Chapettes! You see, shush now, just 'tween us, all keep mum et al, the unnamed powers that be - that be writing me cheques, what! - have been a-mumbling abaht the supposed financial strain the rather Magnificent Royal Air Farce exerts upon Her Madge's (bless her & God save her) Defence budget. Tad upset abaht me Golf Course Aircraft Carrier, Luxury stealth yacht, secret nuclear bases, rocket firing Aston's, flying Bentley Turbo's and all me t'other absolut...
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Rather spiffing entertainment from my Evil Twin...
Regards, Wing Co
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A rare and very interesting snippet of WW2 undercover warfare for your informative delight: Top Royal Air Farce Very Special Agent Dame Nora Batty - you may not...
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The Original Special Forces, now the "Old 'n' Bold" - the LRDG - the Long Range Desert Group which carried out raids & recons deep behind enemy lines in North Africa between 1940 - 43. The LRDG was credited by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, no less, as "caused us more damage than any other British unit of equal strength."
Regards, Wing Co
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Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war...
Regards, Wing Co
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Awesome piece of kit gives One a rather marvelous 360 degree tour of a B17 :

Regards, Wing Co
B-17G 'Nine-O-Nine': A panoramic look over, under, around and through
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It's rather tough training to become a Royal Air Farce Maid...
Regards, JTW
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Any Spotters I.D. this poor bird for Intel?
Regards, Wing Co
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Aye, Candi - my new Royal Air Farce U.S. Liaison Officer...
Regards, JTW
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Very handy draws in the Royal Air Farce QM's spare parts section...
Regards, JTW
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Royal Air Farce Flying Tigers Squadron, Arctic Strike Force
Regards, JTW
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M'Lady Felicity Hawk-Girl, Royal Air Farce Jetpacker Recon Squadron
Regards, JTW
( Artist Ant Lucia, for DC Bombshells )
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Intel pic of a rather chilly Russian Boneyard
Regards, Wing Co
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Ah the sweet memories: Lt Elizabeth Candice Ethell; my first, very personal, U.S. Liaison Officer. ( Pre- me lovely Lt. Carruthers, y'understand, so mum's the word, best keep schtum, eh Chaps? )
Regards, Wing Co
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